An average 1 cup of green apple juice contains 253 calories and less than 1g of fat. Green apple juice also contains 1.92g of protein, nearly 42g of sugar and 59g of carbohydrates . According to the institute of health, our bodies need to provide from 130 to 210g of carbohydrates per day and from 46 to 71g of protein to have a good health. However, the fiber content of fresh green apples is not completely metabolized by apple juice because a portion has been filtered out.

To better understand the effect of green apple juice on health, Hello Bacsi will help you have accurate and specific information.

  1. Green apple juice rich in potassium
    Potassium in our bodies acts as an electrolyte to help the body balance the necessary acids, while maintaining ECG activity. Potassium is essential for building muscles and proteins as well as promoting the functioning of carbohydrates in the body. On average, an adult needs 4,700 mg of potassium per day and about 5,100 mg for pregnant women. A glass of green apple juice contains 523 mg of potassium, providing over 11% of the recommended amount of potassium for adults and nearly 10% for pregnant women.
  2. Vitamin K helps keep bones and teeth strong
    Vitamin K, also known as a “coagulation vitamin,” helps support blood clotting. Without vitamin K, your body will bleed abnormally, have difficulty healing wounds or have frequent bruising. Vitamin K also helps your body absorb calcium, most importantly for healthy bones and teeth. The daily recommended amount of vitamin K is 1.2mg for men and 0.9mg for women, including those who are pregnant and breastfeeding. A glass of apple juice has 0.01 vitamin K, providing 11.7% of the vitamin K needed for men and 15% for women.
  3. Green apple juice has an antioxidant effect
    Green apples are the main source of phytonutrients in the diet in North America. Green apples provide essential antioxidants that help your body fight off environmental toxins like radiation, emissions and cigarette smoke, as well as free radicals created when the body actually digests. Products. In particular, free radicals can accelerate the aging process and put you at a higher risk for certain diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular disease .
  4. Improve lung health
    A research team at the British University has conducted a study on diets affecting the lung health of 2,500 men aged 45–49. The results show that green apples are good for the lungs. They found that those who drank from one glass of green apple juice a day had a healthy lungs and function better.
  5. Good for cardiovascular and digestive system
    Green apples help reduce liver problems as well as prevent many digestive diseases. If you constantly experience indigestion problems, gastroesophageal reflux , bloating, try drinking a glass of pure green apple juice every morning when you wake up, you will see results after only a while. short time.

In addition to the familiar fruit juices , try to start maintaining a scientific diet and a glass of green apple juice every day, you will have a better physique and mentality.