Modern life with high pressure makes people eat, rest and lack scientific activities. This is also the main reason leading to a more common stomach disease.

When you feel that your stomach is often unwell, it may be a sign of conditions such as chronic gastritis, stomach ulcers, etc.It is best for people in this group to not eat spicy to avoid strong stimulation. to the stomach lining, making it worse.

When eating too much spicy, the stomach lining can become congested, swollen, and ulcer, and may also be accompanied by abdominal pain, which seriously affects the restoration of digestive function.

The stimulating effect of spicy spices such as pepper, chili, garlic, etc. causes blood circulation to increase rapidly, which leads to an increase in the heart rate of people with cardiovascular disease or blood vessels, which is detrimental to the condition and ability. treatment.

If in a short time, these people eat too much spicy, it is also easy for acute heart failure, endangering human health. Experts recommend on Ifeng site that if you really like spicy, you should only seasoning “light” and do not eat often.

People with kidney problems should also control eating well, especially spicy spice in daily foods. Because the spicy elements must be passed through the kidneys to excrete, in this process inevitably will cause more or less damage to kidney cells, more serious cause degeneration of kidney function.
Therefore, people with kidney disease should be cautious when eating spicy spices such as chili, pepper, onion, ginger, garlic, mustard, etc.These foods contain spicy ingredients that affect health. of the kidneys in the body.